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Standard Hans Georg Baumann, Berlin; ??

We're trying to help Elfriede Baumann, born 1930, oct 19 in Berlin, baptised in Gedächtniskirche presumably early 1931. She has a brother Theo Baumann born around 1927, whom lived in Berlin all his life.

I know her father was Hans Georg Baumann and her mother was Hildegard.

Elfriede Baumann came to Denmark early 1943 and changed her name to Gertrude Elfriede Baumann - later married Danty. She is 90 year old this year.

Her mother also came to Denmark around 1945 and remarried and lived the rest of her life in Denmark.

The story is, that her grandfather married an italien countess.

I can find no trace of her father, mother and ancestry earlier.
Could someone help and maybe point to a good online source?
I read german OK :-)


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